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Our main objective is to foster a culture of "Safety Come First" before production. Therefore safety cannot be compromised in order to increase production. Our objective with every project we undertake is to perform the task right, to complete the task on schedule and to complete the task without incidents.


Our company employs state of the art technologically advanced systems and tools to provide quality products and services that ensures high productivity, speed, increased accuracy and perfection. We aim to be amongst the highly technological advanced companies in our NDT and metallurgical testing industry.


We attract and employ experienced and skilled professional personnel to conduct various tests.

Our main objective is to be a company that offer unlimited potential for career advancement, personal development and growth. We offer a platform wherein our our personnel are challenged to continually learn and better themselves both career and personal wise.

Areas of Specialization

We are the best doctors of our industry

Sigma Industrial Services strives to be Africa's best player in the industry providing quality, cost effective and first class engineering services in the following areas of our specialization.

Non Destructive Testing

Our Non Destructive Testing technicians have vast experience providing NDT servi...

Metallurgical Testing

Sigma Industrial has wide experience in Metallurgical testing in South Africa pr...

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing involves testing if the material or component lives to its st...

In Pursuit Of Quality

Quality and excellency are the hallmarks of our success

Our company is driven by the philosophy of "In Pursuit of Quality", hence whatever we do reflects our philosophy. We implement a Quality Management System based on ISO9001 and ISO17025.

Our Services

Sigma Industrial Services specializes in the following services.

Replica Metallography

Metallurgical Services

Metallography is a Non Destructive Examination of metallic materi...


Ultrasonic Testing

Our Services

In this method, a diamond indenter resonated by a piezoelectric c...


Hardness Test

Mechanical Services

Hardness can be defined as a resistance of material to indentatio...


Positive Material Identification

Metallurgical Services

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is one of the more special...


Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

NDT Services

Wall Thickness - Ultrasonic thickness measurement (WT) is a metho...


Phased Array

NDT Services

Phased array ultrasonic (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic ...